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Magical Realism 2021 Featured

There are so many fantastic book series out there, that it may come as a shock to some of our readers that "Magical Realism" is a relatively new category for us, and I actually hadn't even heard of the genre until The Shard Chronicles was nominated to be featured in it.

Then again, I never really thought in terms of genre until I became a writer.

I knew what I enjoyed, but I was always more of a synopsis grazer than a section scourer.

It shows in my reading history, too, as I'm all over the map, attaching myself more to authors and characters than the genres they inhabit at any one time.

I know I'm enjoying discovering the genre, and discovering why people gave us so much praise - what are some of your top Magical Realism books and series?

Which ones should I read, and which ones should I avoid?

What would you say the difference between Urban Fantasy and Magical Realism are?


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