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How to do the Impossible

So, you have an impossible goal, eh?

Here's how to get that shit done.

Step 1: Start at the solution of being.

Who do you have to be to get that goal accomplished? What skills does that person have in abundance?

Step 2: Self-awareness.

Where are you now in relation to the above-defined identity? How would you rank your current skills?

Step 3: Timeline

Now that you have the solution, ask yourself when you want this goal accomplished. If you don't know, that's okay. You thought it was impossible a few minutes ago, so about 10 years is a good starting point.

Step 3: Do some math.

Pretty simple. Let's say you need to be a world-class public speaker, and you currently are afraid to give toasts at your family gatherings. Then you're going to need to put in 20,000 hours of public speaking.

That's five and a half hours a day of practice.

Step 4: Adjust.

Can't do five and a half hours of practice per day? No biggie. Do two and a half. Bingo-bango, your goal is now a twenty-year goal.

Step 5: Don't negotiate

Don't work on your passion twice a week. The trick is to break it down into daily action. Why daily? Because non-daily actions can be procrastinated or made up.

If your day is entirely spoken for every day with exercise, meditation, family love cultivation and skill acquisition, you'll never procrastinate because you can't "get to it later".

Step 6: Figure out your schedule

Generally, it's best to get all the important things done before anyone else can interrupt you. Eg, get up before everyone else, and go to bed early so you don't burn out.

Step 7: I don't care what your excuse is

"Waa, I wanna be strong but my arms are broken..." then go do fucking squats. Seriously. Don't look for an excuse NOT to do it. Look for an excuse TO do it. Make it a habit. Habits grow all on their own.

Step 8: Don't fixate on things that don't serve you

"But, but, there's two step 3's!" so what? Did that make the information less relevant to you? Fixate on what increases the speed towards your goals, not on typos <3


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