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why personal development doesn't work for kids

Think back to when you were a teen.

I'm not just sad, dude. I'm like, selfie-sad

Everything was wrong, but none of it was your fault.

Everyone was out to get you. That librarian who asked you to be quiet in the library? Bitch. What's her deal?

You were in LOVE with people who were even remotely attractive, you... you probably had like, lots in common. Probably.

And you had more homework than could ever be done.

In short, you weren't looking to get "motivated" by some rich old douchebag you never asked for in the first place, who obviously could never understand what unique problems you were going through.

The last thing you wanted was more homework, or another teacher.

Now, I recently became aware of APEX For Kids. This kid is tapping into the under 20 market for personal development by targeting the parents with promises of self development for kids.

And if he can deliver? Holy cow, he has my utmost blessings and support. After all, getting mindset into teens is why I do this. That is freakin' awesome. Go forth and conquer young man.

Even if all the kids get from going to the seminar is that ever-so-precious leverage that is required to seek out personal development on their own and WANT to change... that's a tremendous gift.

After all, I used to think martial arts couldn't be taught to children, simply because of the results I had observed. But, eventually I realized that old saying was as true as ever.

So, rock on Caleb.

I wish you all the success in the world!


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