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The Shard Chronicles: Book 2

Hello true believers. Just a quick update here on The Shard Chronicles. We'll be soliciting beta reader feedback on Book 2 reasonably soon. We will ONLY be selecting from folks who've already participated in beta reading for Book 1 (for continuity).

"But wait, you haven't published Book 1, yet!"

I know, I know. Book 1's publication date has not changed - still set for early 2019. There are a couple of reasons for that.

1) The "Tom Bilyeu" time buffer. We are expecting to partner up with Impact Theory, as they follow the same mindsettertainment path as us, and, quite frankly, because it's that damn good. There is, however, the time constraints of Tom himself, and the necessary legwork of nailing him down to a seat long enough to read certain sections of the book.

2) The interconnections within the entire series are best fleshed out with a "trilogy delay".

3) Part of me enjoys obsessively editing a book down closer and closer to perfection.

Book 2 is set to publish mid 2019.

Book 3 is set to publish late 2019.

Stay tuned!

PS Book 2's cover is looking sick! Can't wait to share it!


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