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The Moment

There was a moment.

There was a moment in my childhood where I taught my mom to "move the line up" in our first word processing program, Clarisworks.

There was a moment where I taught my father how to play Tekken and he won using Eddie Gordo.

There was a moment in my teens where I first taught a small girl to toss a large man onto his butt.

There was a moment when I taught an overweight, diabetic, blind senior woman with nearly zero mobility the joy of hitting pads and kicking even the smallest amount of ass.

There was a moment in those people's eyes... that moment when they transitioned from

"I am absolutely sure I can't" to "Holy shit I just did!"

I love creating that moment.

It's why I dedicated myself to becoming a "super sensei" at a young age, so I could be the best martial arts instructor ever, studying everything from Tony Robbins to Bruce Lee. It's why I coach people. It's why I write, why I speak, and I why I parent.

What's your moment?

What's the thing you crave to create again, and again, and again?

What's your moment?


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