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The Journey

This is to document my journey

Year 1:

* Declare why I'm here, and why I'm doing this to the world

* Write and publish book 1 & make an audacious goal.

Tom Bilyeu will read it and say the following:

I think a lot of people will see something like that and think it's silly, or that it's unrealistic or that it's associating the opinion of a person (something beyond my control) to an OKR and thus making it a fuzzy goal.

All true. But, sometimes just having a north star to look at, and think "would this meet Tom's standards" is enough.

I made that graphic AFTER I wrote the first book, because if I'd started with his standards, I wouldn't have finished the book. Having a vicious taskmaster of high standards to EDIT ones work is exceptional, but not as helpful during the seedling's beginnings.

Year 1 Results:

* Wrote & Published Book 1

* Wrote Book 2, and let Tom know about the audacious goal.

That "like" was... It's difficult to describe just how powerful it was for me.

It meant so many things. Approval, encouragement, acknowledgment. It simultaneously made him someone to shoot for, but also someone to shoot with. To stand alongside one day and say "hey, remember when I was just some guy liking your youtube videos?"

His simple like said "hey, I've seen what you're doing, and good luck. It'll be hard, but it's possible."

Am I reading a lot into a like? Hell yes. But it had a lot of meaning for me, and it pushed me forward.

Year 2:

Write Book 2

I took an abstract thought of "someday" and started really taking it seriously. I doubled down on my writing schedule and wrote book 3, developed a new way of writing and laying out a novel, and liked it so much that I went back and re-wrote book 2, and book 1... and still made my 2019 deadline.


"Let's do it." - Tom Bilyeu

Fuck yeah, let's do it!

Now, again, I know it's not exactly an iron-clad contract. While Tom is a man of integrity and focus, he ain't (yet) a man of memory. I don't expect him to remember or honor this deal, or even to view it as one, but again, this lit fire under my belly to get shit done.

This year, I really learned that my creativity could be compressed. I accomplished approximately four to five times as much as I did in the previous calendar year, and I'm interested to see how much further I can push myself in the next.

In this year I also got to talk with Tom "in person"

The summary?

If we want to work together, my task list is:

1) Write a rad fuckin' story

2) Figure out how I want it presented

3) Send it to Tom and his team over and over and over again while constantly refining the quality, applying feedback and putting out new books.

Year 2 Results:

* Wrote Book 2

* Wrote Most of Book 3 (publish schedule 2020)

* Re-wrote & published book 2

* Re-wrote & re-published book 1

* Joined ITU

* Blocked out the second trilogy of books 4-6

* Know how book 7 looks (as it relates to book 3's ending)

* Acquired Narrator Team for 2021 audiobook

Plans for 2020

* Book 3

* Audiobook First Draft


* Box Set

* Audiobook

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