• Ono Northey

The cure for loneliness

For any readers of The Shard Chronicles, you're probably fairly familiar with the concept of C3GUS. For those of you who aren't, here's the short version:

Certainty, Connection, Contribution, Growth, Uncertainty, Significance.

So how do we use this to cure loneliness? Pretty simple, actually. Set a reminder in your calendar to fulfill as many people as you know - friends, associates, lovers, competitors, enemies, strangers etc in one of those needs, twice a year. Six needs, twelve months.

So, let's say that in January (for example) you get Connection.

How could you increase the feeling of connection in yourself? In your friends? In your family? In your associates, companions, competitors, enemies... how could you increase the feeling of connection in some strangers?

Generally, the amount of ideas you come up with will exceed what can be done in a month, so, you set a few appointments, reminders and whatnot throughout the year. Now, three Tuesdays from now, you're reminded that you wanted to help your friend Sally with her business. You call her up, ask her how you can help, and really, really listen. Ask her how it's going, what things are happening in the business, what challenges she's facing, and actually ask yourself how you can help. Or, maybe you just go out and start recruiting clients for her, promoting her on your blog, whatever.

Option 2:

I find I get lonely, not when I'm alone, but rather, when I feel like I'm not contributing to the world, or making progress in an area that I love. I think that whenever we start looking at other people's needs, and wondering how we can fulfill them, life gets better, but if you're looking for another fix, try finding your passion.


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