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Thank You!

Hi there! My guess is that if you're reading this, you're looking for a way to thank me. To be honest, I used to really struggle with accepting gifts, or making lists like this. In fact, it wasn't until I was reaching out to someone who'd leveled up my life, that I realized how much of a gift it can be to allow someone to express their gratitude properly. (Plus, sweet! Presents!)

As my mission in life is to Increase The Awesome, that tends to express itself in a myriad of ways and ranges, so this page ranges from the free to the absurd. Feel free to pick something that fits your level of gratitude :)

In the end, the light in your eyes was all the gift I needed, but here are some things I'd appreciate if you're looking to go over and above <3


Book Reviews!

Free, and takes a few seconds, but means the world to me :) My series is called "The Shard Chronicles" and there are multiple books.

Library Requests!

Calling your local libraries and requesting that they shelve my books costs you nothing, but gets my books into more hands <3

Fan Art!

I love to see my characters brought to life.


Buy my book series!

The financials are nice, but the real gift is moving my series up in the rankings. If you're considering buying multiple books, please spread it out. Buying a book a week moves the book higher in the search engine than simply buying 100 books all at once. The higher up in the search engine my series is, the more lives it can change. If your garage is getting full, they make a great gift, and if you have any tables that aren't level, each book in the series is a different thickness ;)


My "tip jar" can be found here: 0xA128340719B1DEc0251ca8b15ecea14d3b549f54

Do email me a little note too, so I know who it's from!


A black Tesla Model Y with a silver batman hood ornament.

Someone famous endorsing/tweeting about my book series


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