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Ono's Reading List

Books are a very personal thing, and who we are changes the reading experience so intensely, that they are a very hard thing to recommend to a person without asking them a great deal of questions about who they are, where they are in life, what they desire, what their challenges are and so on... but I get asked often enough that I've made a truncated list of my top five.

This assumes, of course, that you've read all of mine already ;-)

1) Bold

This should be mandatory reading in schools, and given out during "guidance counselor week".

2) 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

This should be the foundation of our youth's education.

3) Leadership & Self Deception

4) The E-myth revisited

Both 3 & 4 should be mandatory reading in order to get a business license.

5) Why Marriages Succeed or Fail

Should be mandatory reading in order to get a marriage certificate


The best seminar I've listened to: The Ultimate Relationship Program

Second Bonus:

A considerably more comprehensive reading list

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