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Books are a very personal thing, and who we are changes the reading experience so intensely, that they are a very hard thing to recommend to a person without asking them a lot of questions about who they are, where they are in life, what they desire, what their challenges are and so on... but I get asked often enough that I've made a truncated list of my top five in each category.


1) Bold

This should be mandatory reading in schools, and given out during "guidance counselor week".

2) 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

This should be the foundation of our youth's education.

3) Leadership & Self Deception

4) The E-myth revisited

Both 3 & 4 should be mandatory reading in order to get a business license.

5) Why Marriages Succeed or Fail

Should be mandatory reading in order to get a marriage certificate


The best seminar I've listened to: The Ultimate Relationship Program


1) Thrawn (and his original series Heir to the Empire)

Thrawn teaches the growth mindset beautifully, and is an excellent example of mindsettertainment. His outlook on strategy, leadership, and human interaction are all stellar. I think Vanessa Van Edwards would really enjoy a conversation with Thrawn, and many of his approaches remind me of Tom Bilyeu.

PS Marc Thompson, the narrator of the audiobook is sensational!

2) The Name of the Wind

Though I should warn you, it is unlikely this trilogy will ever be completed, the first two books are very well written. It is my desire to have books 4-6 in The Shard Chronicles to be better than these, and that is a high bar to set indeed. Great character work, good pacing, and his approach to a multilayered story is the best I've seen.

3) The Way of Kings

(I swear I called my things shards before I read this book). Great series, and I really enjoy the way all the individual viewpoints eventually join together into a beautiful narrative. I also really enjoy Brandon's writing classes on youtube.

4) The Cycle of Arawn / Galand

This series is something of a guilty pleasure of mine, and I devour his audiobooks the day they come out. With exception to the series starring Calimandicus, I've found each of his books incredibly entertaining. I really enjoy the process of magical discovery.

For a more complete reading list, check out my ongoing Goodreads list here


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