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Human Potential

We've all heard that human potential is limitless. But is it?

Here's a thought experiment for you.

Actually think about how complicated mastering human speech is for a child.

Think about the kajillions of neurons that need to fire and wire together in order to make a tongue and a brain cooperate into something resembling coherency, and the sheer number of failures it takes before any remotely positive effect is reached.

Imagine not even knowing if you'll ever figure it out, and just trying anyway because everyone around you seems to be able to do it, and because you're tired of mom & dad having to guess what it is you want.

Check that off in the "been there, done that" column, and ask yourself: Is what you're thinking about doing harder than that? More complex than that?

How many times do we try to make the "M" sound before we just give up?

How many times do we try to lift our head before we just figure it can't be done?

Still not convinced?

Okay, how about this then. (lean in)

Would believing that your potential is limited serve you in any way? It might, right? It might protect you from trying to hard and failing. But (shh) the secret to life is trying things and learning from your mistakes. You won't make any mistakes if you don't try, and you won't learn if you don't make mistakes. If you want to get better at stuff, you're going to have to try.

So why not believe you can do anything? You won't learn how unless you do :)


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