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How to raise my standards

Step 1:

Have a reason.

Nobody does anything without a reason why. We need leverage to change and to grow. So, why do you want to raise your standards? (Hint: Ikigai)

Fulfillment comes from progress. Standards increase naturally as a result of the pursuit and attainment of progress.

Step 2:

Have a goal, or a sequence of goals.

This is often part of an Ikigai, but just in case it wasn't, you should have a goal. Some standard you want to improve.

Step 3:

Measure, and create benchmarks.

Whatever goal you have, measure your current results towards whatever benchmarks mean success for you. It can be anything from money in the bank to smiles from your wife. Measure it. What you measure, you improve. Where focus goes, effort flows.

Step 4:

Create percentage based habits.

All too often, our habits are based off of a number. Eg "10 push-ups". That's nice. But what's better, is CURRENT_MAX+5%. Habits that scale = fulfillment.

Step 5:

Honestly, if you did step 1 right, you probably didn't need steps 2-3, but if you need additional info, read This is Everything I Know. In that book, I break down the process of raising one's standards in all areas of life in meticulous detail that takes several months, to several years to fully apply.


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