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How to find hidden limiting beliefs

A lot of speakers tell us to remove our hidden, limiting beliefs and instruct us on how to replace them with empowering ones. But what if we can't find any to remove? What if they're hiding, hidden from our vision, secretly ruining our lives!?

Fear not, true believer. The answers are simpler than you think.

Now, before reading further, I'm going to assume you have a goal you want to achieve.


Okay, so here's how you find a hidden belief.

Go do the thing.

Go do the thing you've committed to doing. Go learn the skills (if you don't know how, read how to do the impossible) and become who you must (if you don't know how, read attribute cultivation) and do the thing until you think you can't.

If you can't, the reason you believe you can't is the limiting belief. If you can, then don't worry about it. Just go do the thing.

Too simplistic? Think about it this way:

You have a goal, right? A big why that drives you? So anything you do within your code of ethics that moves you towards your goal is, by definition, empowering. Anything you do that moves you away from that goal is, again, by definition, disempowering.

So, if you BELIEVE you should do something that moves you AWAY from your goal, that's a hidden limiting belief. Target that bitch and rip it out with any number of CBT or NLP or whatever chosen techniques your chosen coach has given you.

If you BELIEVE that you SHOULD do something that moves you TOWARDS your goal, you're right. Keep doing that, and don't get bogged down wasting time looking for bullshit.


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