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Doctor Doom's Approach to New Years Resolutions

Doom does not fail! All setbacks are simply the lessons and steps required for final victory!

So, let's look at some new years resolutions, doom-style.

Step 1: Establish Your Ultimate Purpose!

Doom has seen the future and knows that he is to be the savior of all mankind. He knows that should he give up, the entire human race will be obliterated in less than a generation.

All possible futures where we thrive are those which Doom rules. So, you could say he's motivated.

Step 2: Define Nebulous Goals as an Action You Wish To Take!

"I want to play the guitar" is a goal unworthy of Doom! Make it a specific action. "I want to play stairway to heaven in front of my family and friends by March, and in front of strangers by December". This is a goal worthy of Doom!

"I want to be more assertive"? No! "I want to confront my boss about issues x, y, and z by this date" -- Make it something you can categorically, measurably achieve. (partially or otherwise)

"I want to be a better Dad"? Absolutely not! "I want to take my son to x events, read him y stories z times p/month, keep my phone off during conversations, have family dinner this many times p/week..." Measurable. Specific.

Don't "lose weight", "run a marathon", or at the very least "go to the gym x times p/week". Make it an action you wish to take.

Step 3: Establish Which Habits You Shall Require!

Doom is what he habitually does - ergo, the habitual actions one must acquire to rule must be meticulously planned out.

If you want to run a marathon, might I suggest habitual walking and running? If you want to play the guitar, might I suggest taking some lessons?

If your goal is impossible, fear not. Nothing is impossible to Doom!

Step 4: Do Them!

Knowing what to do is only useful if one has the will to do it!

Doom conquers all not due to his superior intellect or magicks, but from his sheer will alone!

Step 5: Measure Your Progress!

What we focus on, expands. Measuring your progress is essential for building momentum. In the early days, daily monitoring may be necessary until such momentum is achieved that weekly, and eventually, monthly monitoring may be all that is necessary.

As much as it pains me to say, Google has mastered this better than even Doom himself... for now.


If you've done steps one through five, you need not read further!

... Well, that was fun. Apparently I've been writing too many Solis chapters haha


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